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Caroline Benson Spencer Quartermaine Corinthos Alcazar Jacks

Just call me Carly

Carly Corinthos
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I use Sarah Brown, Tamara Braun and Laura Wright’s portrayal of Carly Corinthos as inspiration for my muse.

Bio curtesey of ABC.com

Marital Status: single

Past Marriages: AJ Quartermaine (divorced), Sonny Corinthos (divorced), Lorenzo Alcazar (divorced)

Mother: Bobbie Spencer (biological mother), Virginia Benson (adopted mother; Deceased),

Grandparents: Tim Spencer (maternal grandfather), Lena Spencer (maternal grandmother; Deceased),

Siblings: Lucas Jones (adopted brother), BJ Jones (step-sister; Deceased),

Uncle: Luke Spencer (uncle),

Aunt: Ruby Anderson (great-aunt; Deceased),

Cousins: Lucky Spencer (cousin), Lulu Spencer (cousin), Bill Eckert (first cousin once removed; Deceased), Jenny Eckert (first cousin once removed), Sly Eckert (first cousin once removed), Fred Eckert (first cousin once removed; Deceased)

Children: Michael Corinthos (son; with A.J. Quartermaine, later adopted by Sonny), Morgan Corinthos (son; with Sonny)

Significant Relationships: Jason Morgan, Tony Jones (affair), A.J. Quartermaine (divorced), Sonny Corinthos (divorced), Lorenzo Alcazar (divorced), Jasper "Jax" Jacks (current


This little vixen has done just about everything including stealing her birth mother's husband and hiding the truth about her son's true paternity!

Caroline Benson came to Port Charles, New York in 1995. She came to the small town in search of her biological mother. Caroline assumed the name Carly Roberts, a name she took from her deceased best friend, and set out upon getting revenge against her mother. Carly felt her mother had abandoned her and never looked back; she was far from right.

Her mother, nurse Bobbie Jones, felt horrible about it and after Carly came to town she started trying to find her child.

Short version-Carly slept with Bobbie's husband (Tony Jones) for revenge and destroyed the family. Bobbie was furious with Carly but eventually the two made peace.

Carly fell for Jason Morgan and they began an affair. However during their affair Carly also slept with Jason's brother A.J.

When Carly became pregnant she wasn't sure if the baby was A.J.'s, Jason's or Tony Jones. When she discovered it was A.J.'s she and Jason agreed to hide the paternity even thought they were not longer romantically involved. Carly and Jason told the town that her son Michael was Jason's child.

Robin Scorpio-Jason's girlfriend- told A.J. the child was his and Carly was forced into a loveless marriage to keep her son. She was rescued by Sonny Corinthos (local mob boss and Jason's best friend). A.J. signed custody of Michael to Sonny. Carly and Sonny started a rocky romance.

After years of on again off again-affairs ,lies and another child (Morgan Stone Corinthos)-Carly and Sonny called it quits.

Since then Carly dated and married Lorenzo Alcazar (one of Sonny’s rivals). For a brief time-after a blast from the past Carly was institutionalized. She had a nervous breakdown.

Currently this storyline may differ from show canon currently.

Jasper Jacks left town after it was discovered he lied about baby John’s paternity. Thus ending his relationship with Carly She is clinging to her best friend and ex lover Jason Morgan mostly to keep herself away from Sonny Corinthos-her ex husband.

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